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The Democratic Club of Seal Beach is a grassroots activist organization started in 2017 which incorporates the towns of Seal Beach, Rossmoor and Los Alamitos.

We will have monthly meetings, organize events with speakers throughout the year, and organize election events to help Democratic candidates and our local communities.

This Club is dedicated to furthering the political goals and aspirations of the people of Seal Beach, Rossmoor and Los Alamitos and the community in which it functions with the following specific goals:

1. To educate Club members and the general public as to issues and candidates of interest to the Club.

2. To act to further the adoption of the Club position on issues of importance to the community, the state or the nation.

3. To elect registered Democrats in partisan and non-partisan elections, whose views most closelycorrespond to those of the Club.

4. To promote accountability to the community on the part of elected officials.

5. To open the democratic process to all citizens on the basis of equality, regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual preference or age.

6. To pursue progressive/moderate values within the Democratic Party and within our community.

7. To get people educated and registered to vote.

We want to focus on our local government in a grassroots manner but understand the importance that the Democratic Club of Seal Beach must work with other grassroots organizations to keep us diversified in our goals without duplicating efforts in our cities, county and state. 
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